Can you make regular coffee in a Keurig?

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Can you make regular coffee in a Keurig? I remember when I asked myself this question as well. The k pods are expensive and don’t do the job to keep you going anymore. There has to be a solution to this problem and there is!


  • buy a new coffee maker
  • jimmy rig a way to enjoy your own coffee
  • buy coffee at a coffee shop

The alternatives seem like you spend more money. Could there be another way to enjoy regular coffee in a Keurig? The answer to this question is yes! The answer is reusable k pods because you can put your own ground coffee in the reusable k pods over and over again! I invite you to read below on how to use reusable k pods

Can you make regular coffee in a Keurig?

Instructions for Reusable K Pods

  • Step 1: be tired and angry
  • Step 2: take 1 reusable k pod
  • Step 3: put the ground coffee of your choice in the k pod
  • Step 4: put in machine, brew and enjoy!

I hope you found this article helpful! You can buy the Reusable K Pods by clicking here. Have a blessed day everyone!

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